Mercedes 'Evolution of Tough' CGI

  • Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia & New Zealand - 'Evolution of Tough'

    What we are all about.  Smart and Integrated Productions:
    Exploring all the routes to production, and choosing and combining for the best quality result for budget and time.

    Our capability to execute in multiple ways and combine these techniques (3D, VFX, photography & retouching for print) and our control of production and post end to end allowed us to bring together the best skills and talent for the project, and run in an integrated manner.  

    Mercedes-Benz X-Class is set to be seen climbing a mountain of stereotypical 'tough' items. These items would range from very obvious including construction equipment to more subtle items to create an appearance of a pile (mountain).

    The creation of the 'pile' of objects in 3D helped control how the objects were stacked and use of colour blocking on the 3D created objects allowed a sculpture-like grouping like doesn't take away from the foreground.

    Our integrated approach ensured all aspects of the print would be consistent throughout.
  • Client - Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia & New Zealand - 'Evolution of Tough'

    Limehouse creative
    Integrated ​P​roduction​ - Limehouse creative 
    CGI & Retouching - Limehouse creative 

    Agency - The Royals

    Executive Creative Director - Nick Cummins ​
    Senior Art ​Director​ - Adam Frazer​ ​
    Senior Copywriter​ - ​Lewis Farrar​ ​
    Group Account ​Director​ - Clara Tang​ ​
    Senior Account Manager - Jade Mittermair

    Factory 35
    Stock background - Factory 35