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  • Endless cooking loop journey

    The Hungarian cooking school, Gastropolis wanted to improve its online presence, thus attracting more people to its cooking courses. White Rabbit Budapest in association with Benze turned their website into a mesmerizing experience.

    D&AD - Wood Pencil Crafts for Advertising Animation & Illustration for Digital Marketing, 2018
    THE ADC 97TH ANNUAL AWARDS - Bronze Cube  Illustration / Digital - Single, 2018
    LIA I London International Awards - Bronze Winner Digital / Illustration,  2018
    EPICA Awards - Gold Winner  Illustration,  2018

  • Advertiser: Gastopolis Cooking School  I Brand: Gastropolis I Creative Agency: White Rabbit Budapest
    Copywriter: Levente Kovacs I Art Director: Benze (Bence Farkasinszki) I Illustrator: Benze (Bence Farkasinszki)
    Typographer: Robert Hartley I Client Service Director: Levente Balint I Creative: Jim Seath I Account Director: Beata Stumpf
    Executive Creative Director: Istvan Bracsok, Levente Kovacs I Digital Creative Director: Andre Felix
    Javascript Programmer: Nikolaus Baumgarten I Head of Digital: Daniel Nagy
    Music Composer: DJ Titus I Sound Engineer: DJ Titus

  • Cooking is a complex sensory-spiritual experience. Working with various ingredients, being exposed to smells and tastes, taking part in the act of creation – it puts everyone into a different state of mind.

  • Gastopolis’ new website takes the visitor on an infinite culinay loop journey, inside the mind-blowing dimensions of five different cuisines: Hungarian, Japanese, Indian, Italian and French.

  • The endless loop of this culinary journey required 53 individually drawn vector files.

  • It took more than 600 hours to create (including conceptualizing, scripting, designing, drawing, colouring, rendering, building the technical background).

  • The music of the website was created by DJ Titus, one of the most famous DJ’s in Hungary; all the sounds were recorded at the cooking school, and only the sounds generated by the actual kitchen equipment were sampled.

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