Highway Safety Part 2

  • Highway Safety: Part 2​​​​​​​

  • Studio: Remade
    Director: Tim Pachuau
    Modelling and Design: Paul McMahon
    3D Animation: Jeff Briant
    Look Development: Jeff Briant
    Character Design: Tim Pachuau 
    2D Animation: Tim Pachuau
    Compositing: Tim Pachuau
    Sound: Jeff Moberg

  • Creative Process

    Paul (The Rusted Pixel) was asked to design and build a number of city blocks that could extend long enough for an overhead tracking shot. Using artwork and an anamatic from Tim the city shot started out simple and grew in complexity. Inspiration was taken from games like SimCity. Details were clustered more towards the main road which were more likely to be in shot.
  • Final layout showing progress from the clustered city to the wooded area where Stu crashes his car.

  • 2D Design and Compositing
    Tim who wore many hats on this project - director, 2d designer, 2d animator and compositor - had the challenge of designing Stu. He had to have the look and movement of a dangerous driver that you really don't want to meet on the road.

  • Look Development

    Jeff then took the city and car models and began working on some stylized night lighting. In the following images you can see how Jeff, Tim and DJ worked together to find the right balance to help tell the story and set the tone of the short.
  • Early still with paint over details by Tim Pachuau.
  • Rendering with Redshift. Jeff Briant.
  • Light rays and Subsurface Scattering with Redshift. Jeff Briant.