• Red Dragon. Experiment with glitch, dithering and image compression algorythms.
  • Skull Tower. Digitally improved sketch with pen on paper.
  • Bass Machine. Collage.
  • Technology. Digitally improved sketch.
  • Mecha. Experiment with dithering and image compression algorythms. 
    Microsoft logo and Windows XP info screen are for nostalgia reference only!
  • Hot Rod. 
  • Yo! Digitally improved sketch.
  • Mazda Savanna.
  • Goat Mecha Boi. Collage.
  • Dolphin Mecha Boi. Collage.
  • Giraffe Mecha Boi. Collage.
  • Tiburon Bassline 2. Digitally improved sketch with pen on paper. 
    Experiment with noise and dithering.