Sherry Week Poster

  • Sherry Week Poster
    I L L U S T R A T I O N
  • #SherryWeek illustrated poster
    Client: International Sherry Week
    Art Director: Michael Stratton
    Campaign Director: Chelsea Anthon Penas
  • Brief from client: We need a new look and feel for this year's campaign, which embraces the passion and origin of Sherry wines while conveying a modern and cosmopolitan image. The campaign is a worldwide celebration of the Sherry industry, both its wines and its people, with a focus on restaurants and bars around the world holding various events throughout the week that celebrate Sherry Wine.
    Since the campaign represents all the producers of Sherry, we can not isolate any particular brand, we must be neutral. We do not want to portray cliché aspects of the Sherry  wine culture such as the catavino or the flamenco dancers, but to appeal to wine lovers of all nationalities.  
  • Rough sketchbook drawing
  • detail
  • Full Poster
  • Interlocking Instagram infographics
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