Yorokobu #91 - Cover Illustration

    Cover Illustration

    Illustrated type commissioned by Yorokobu magazine to illustrate the cover of this Januarys issue. 'Yorokobu' means 'to be happy' in japanese. The cover is inspired by Memphis group, an italian architects and designers group in the 80's. Their furniture is mix in between Fisher price and Bauhaus and resembles in many ways how designers feel when they get a blank sheet of paper and the possibility to create something playful.


  • The process was rather straightforward, I wanted to play with the feeling, a designer has -
    when he finds himself in front of an empty paper and he can do with it whatever he wants.
    I separated the type into modules, so I could reimagine the importance and dimension of each part and play with depth and position to recreate each letter.

  • Thank you!
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