Fendi – Hypnoshine

  • A surreal journey pictured through the lenses of the Fendi Hypnoshine eyewear. The swinging of a pendulum serves as an introduction to a series of microcosms made of oneiric shapes and colors: hypnotic environments inspired by the name and the graphic theme of the very collection.


    - Direction: Ditroit
    - Art Direction: Salvatore Giunta, Pietro Furbatto
    - Design: Salvatore Giunta, Pietro Furbatto, Matteo Nicoli
    - Modeling: Giovanni Mauro
    - Lighting and Shading: Claudio Gasparollo
    - Animation: Cristian Acquaro, Matteo Nicoli
    - Producer: Ada Korvafaj
    - Music and Sound Design: Smider
    - Production Company: Withstqand
    - Executive Producer: Davide Ferazza
    - Producer: Ilaria Celeghin