Botanica (Botany) - Wonders of Plant Life

  • I had the pleasure of designing and directing the visuals of Botanica (Botany). An engaging, musical science project by Deproducers that showcases the wonder, magic and beauty of the plant world.

    A live musical production featuring four musicians and a scientist situated in a spectacular stage setting,
    the project includes a musical album and several related productions.
  • Botanica speaks to a diverse audience with an impressive mass of information to address. The main goal was to design a varied, evolving and rigorous language, where organic elements populate grids and spaces. Simply put, it’s a language for spreading scientific data and music.
  • The production highlights 11 chapters, one for each music track, based on a specific botanical plot, from ancient trees to DNA patterns. The live 90-minute, multi-media performance includes more than 30 videos.

    Green Planet – Dendrochronology – Photosynthesis – Roots – Psychoactive Nature –  Plant Society – Global Seed
    Vault – Growth of a flower – Modular Vegetation – Deforestation – Botany
  • The research phase covered everything from old herbarium, scientific publications to fractal and generative graphics. The scientific aptitude of the project helped to make a significant contribution to both the research and production.

    The collection of materials have been vast, the Biodiversity Heritage Library has been an important source of inspiration, if you’re seeking any old botanical illustrations, and it might be worth a visit.
  • The production followed the organic genesis of the music, starting from the sorting and collecting of elements like plants, seeds and leaves, creating a world of digital herbarium.
  • All the visuals are crafted using a mix of organic elements, scientific data and mechanistic processes, driven and tied together by a deep sense of the poetry of the music.
  • During the postproduction, computational design has played a crucial role in achieving unique and unexpected results, thus allowing a continuous sense of growth and evolution – like a flower.
  • Botanica is a project by Deproducers, Stefano Mancuso, Aboca
    Vittorio Cosma, Max Casacci, Gianni Maroccolo, Riccardo Sinigallia 
    Botanist: Stefano Mancuso
    Art Director & Visual Artist: Marino Capitanio