Ohgod // The Great Silence Merch

  • I was commissioned by South African instrumental rock band, Ohgod, to work on two illustrations leading up to their debut album release, The Great Silence. The artwork was used on shirts, and showcases visual representations of two of the singles off of the album, "Hungry Ghosts" and "Introspection" (I've included the tracks at the bottom of the project). 
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    Due to the band not having a vocalist, and no lyrics as a result, it was both fun and challenging coming up with the content of the illustrations, having only the track titles and the music itself as starting points. I also had a great time working with various halftones and textures to get more depth out of a single colour print.
  • " H U N G R Y   G H O S T S "

  • "Hungry Ghosts" // Final Illustration

  • "Hungry Ghosts" // Close Ups

  • "Hungry Ghosts" // T-Shirt Mock Up
  • " I N T R O S P E C T I O N "

  • "Introspection" // Final Illustration

  • "Introspection" // Close Ups

  • "Introspection" // T-Shirt Mock Up

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