Insidious: The Last Key Alternative Movie Poster Art

  • In early december i worked on an Alternative movie poster for the movie "Insidious: The Last Key".  

  • This poster was selected by "Sony Pictures" / "Blumhouse" Productions CEO "Jason Blum" and "Talenthouse" creative community. The poster was printed and displayed at the São Paulo ComicCon Brazil to promote the event. As well as on Sony Social channels


  • Initially, I drew an initial sketch for the composition that was slightly different from the final Artwork. I ended up modifying the composition and after finishing the first version I felt the need to finalize another version of the Artwork by following the 1st concept and composition on my initial sketch. I decided that i would also change the color mood to work with cold tones for this new version.

  • The get inspired and think about a concept for the poster, i watched the official trailer and saved various images to use as inspiration for the "visual mood" and "atmosphere" in my poster illustration. (©SonyPictures / ©Blumhouse Productions)
    The colorimetry of the movie is using mainly cold and desaturated colors. I've chosen to use warm and saturated colors to create something different but wanted to keep the "creepy and evil" atmosphere in the illustration.

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