Floral illustrations and patterns for sweatshirts

  • I have recently worked on a project to create illustrations and patterns for a new sweatshirts collection of a small fashion brand Silky Foxy Fabrics.

    The goal was to create unique collection of patterns with flowers in vintage style that will be printed on a jersey fabric.

    I have drawn sketches and ornaments of blooming flowers by hand in Illustrator Draw on my iPad and later did colouring and post-production in Illustrator and Photoshop on a Mac.

    Each sweatshirt is unique and has colour palette that fits different styles and moods: desert terracotta, meadow sienna, lake Prussian blue and lunar lavender.
  • Desert Terracotta Floral Sweatshirt
  • Lunar Lavender Floral Sweatshirt
  • Lake Prussian Blue Floral Sweatshirt
  • Silky Foxy Fabrics is a small fashion brand based in Berlin. It produces limited editions of clothes and accessories for women with unique designs.

    Thanks for appreciating!

    Designer and illustrator - Kateryna Omelchuk

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