Microsoft IT 2017

  • Microsoft IT

    A fun and fresh approach for the three videos we developed for Microsoft IT. The illustrations are simple and iconic with a touch of fun. The animation is 2D with some frame by frame details. 

    A universe full of color. It's all about getting simpler, smarter, happier.

  • Thanks!

    Directed by: NotReal
    Creative Direction: Milton Gonzalez & Valeria Moreiro

    Art Direction: Valeria Moreiro
    Animation Direction: Milton Gonzalez
    Executive Producer: Eugenia Garcia Montaldo

    Design: Valeria Moreiro
    Character Design: Milton Gonzalez
    Animation: Milton Gonzalez, Belo Qu
    Character Rigg: Belo Qu
    Compositing: Belo Qu, Milton Gonzalez

    Client: Microsoft
    Agency: Demo Duck
    Agency Partner: Traina
    Producer: Theresa Brooks
    Creative Lead and Script Writing: Kelsie Ozamiz

    Year: 2017