Jones Dairy Farm TV spots

  • After years of working together from two different sides of planet earth, Aggressive flew animation director Riccardo Albertini to NYC to work closely on set and at their office in Ridgewood, to produce a commercial in the usual sweet winning formula of live action + frame by frame animation.
    Being close to Aggressive we were able to follow the whole production, from storyboarding, to shooting and be more on track with the post. Once back we started adding the hand drawn animation, and, with a skillful use of 3D, all the elements that needed to look in perfect perspective, while preserving that hand drawn look.

  • Spot 1: how do you know who makes your food

  • Spot 2: how to read an ingredient label

  • Shooting

  • We shoot the kitchen in a great looking set in Manhattan

  • Styleframes

  • Here are some of the styleframes we made for preproduction, unfortunately, as usual, not all of the assets went into production, can you spot the leftovers?

  • Animation production

  • Once back from NY we spent a solid month producing the animation, 3D and compositing for both spots. A lot of attention has been put into guides for the 2D animation, to look in place and in the correct depth, having several 3D camera movements.

  • Some frame by frame loops

  • A few of our favorite elements which may be hard to notice in the full animation

  • Thank you!