12 Seasons of Festival // Vincom Calendar 2018

  • 12 seasons of festival
    Illustration for Vincom Calendar 2018

    Client: Vincom
    Illustrator: Vuon Illustration
    Published in December 2017
  • November this year, we have a chance to illustrate a Tet Vietnam calendar for a pretty big brand, Vincom. The timeline was kinda rough, approximately just only 2 weeks, so we cannot take an eye on every detail; therefore there were still some mistakes here and there :( 

    Luckily, our customers are very thoughtful to let us perform comfortably with ideas and styles, which led to so much freedom in the illustration process. Thank you our lovely clients because of their experienced and detailing instruction but also very inspiring and helpful ♥
  • New year party
  • The little girl give her mom little flowers on Mother's day
  • The young protect their country's island from outside attack
  • World Cup hooligans at night
  • The traditional autumn festival - Trung Thu
  • Grab what you can on Black Friday
  • And the warm and colorful Christmas day...
  • These are just some of the illustrations.
    Please take a look at those the shopping mall Vincom center :D
  • Product Images from Vincom fanpage
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