Book Covers Pack 2

  • It has been a year to explore. Many works were mediocre but many were outstanding. We are glad that we are able to tell you guys about many stories through all the covers that we especially like.

    Mr.Banana has always been a good art director and designer in general. Thank you for being a great part of this project!
  • Color-changing Moon - Tran Hoang Truc
  • We had read some of the short stories and some was incredibly fascinating. It is really worth reading
  • Stay at the city or go back to hometown? - Meo Maverick
  • A guidebook with the bubbling hot question. City or hometown?
  • How is love? - Kai Dinh
  • A book by an upcoming music artist - Kai Dinh about his life with his passion playing music
  • Super swampy, super innocent and super flash
  • The tale of three funny and out of the ordinary girls.
  • Don't exist, let's live! - John O'Leary
  • The title of the book tells everything
  • Me of the last summer - Choi Soo Huyn
  • My favorite covers til now. I don't know much about the inside but I love the editor's idea of illustrating a light house next to the wide ocean. It seem to be a light story with deep emotions and memories. A worth listenning summer story!
  • Thank you!