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    Vardama™ is a fashion / technology start-up, with a proprietary textile formula, making any kind of fabric (such as cotton, silk, tinsel or linen) repellent to all water-based liquids, such as red wine, cranberry juice or sports drinks. At the same time the fabrics maintain all vital elements of modern day fabrics, such as their feel and breathability all while adding additional moist-wicking features. I had the opportunity to lead the brand from their intermediate start-up look and feel to a mature corporate design.  

  • The challenge:
    Not drowning the company in the oversaturated landscape of fashion start-ups and emphasizing the technology and functionality aspect in a way that doesn't read sport or active wear but instead maintains a luxury brand profile. Creating an online shopping platform that goes beyond a templated feel, but is easy to maintain and grow. All at a small budget and using existing image material.​​


  • The Approach:
    Skipping a contemporary start-up feel and instead building a modern yet time-less brand with character and confidence and a meticulous attention to detail. Making the most out of existing image material by adding new layers of retouching and image enhancements. Delivering an online shopping experience that feels technically and visually sophisticated, yet being ground in minimalism. 


  • Finding the right balance/tension and tonality in both design and language

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    Logo & Avatar:
    100% custom lettered and meticulously spaced, the brands' new logotype is technical, futuristic, unapologetic and luxurious. The idea to create a durable modern classic that feels at home with the likes of Versace, Prada or Burberry and doesn't have millennial start-up written all over it, also marked the inception point for the overall design philosophy of the brand.

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    Material Design:
    Black as the fashion-classic is replaced with a set of silver-blue hues, emphasizing the tech-aspect of the brand, while making the brand lighter, futurist and still allowing for a whole range of seasonal and campaign dependent splashes of color, throughout the minimalist make-up. 

    A color spectrum and effect-rich, yet minimalist design approach inspired by water in its various states. Transparent, reflective, glossy and obscuring printing materials and finishes are used to provide higher resolution and depth to the silver-only approach, while providing the necessary technical overtones. Some materials are later digitally emulated in the brands' on-screen media.

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    A clean architecture brings simplicity and ease into the design - understated typography and a simple modular grid provide the brand with room to grow and change due to putting the biggest emphasis on the creation of visual content. 

    Usage of screen area is maximized wherever possible. Filter options and intelligent quick-shopping tools tailor the experience to both the hasty shopper and the indulgent explorer.

    Horizontal navigation breaks with the habits, yet feels fluent and intuitive, both with the mouse and via gestures.


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    More than just responsive: In the collection and online shopping area, an app-like appearance is created from simple and consistent UI elements, that feels generously tailored to your screen – and with your browser UI collapsed, almost lets you forget you're on the web.

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    Creative & Art Direction _ Christoph Ruprecht
    Photographic Direction _ Christoph Ruprecht
    Corporate Branding _ Christoph Ruprecht
    Web Design / UI UX _ Christoph Ruprecht
    Programmer _ Julian Wright
    Photography _ Slate Studios
    Retouching _ Bermudez Studio
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