ChildhoodWeek Winter 2017!!

  • Childhood Week is a 2 week event distributed in 2 separate weeks along the year: one for summer, one for Winter. The main goal is to remember and show to each other our childhood either with paintings, photographs, anything artistry and fun! 
    Excitement is on the air!! #childhoodweek is here!
    (I thought I’d draw one of my biggest childhood fantasies haha) who wouldn’t want to have been with these three on Harry Potter?)
  •  #childhoodweek Day 1: cartoons/movies! -
    - I wanted to feature a specific moment I always daydreamed about, and it was myself being selected by the sorting hat! Haha -
  • #childhoodweek Day 2: Music! -
    One super cool memory was both my parents playing guitar together and mom singing while dad played his harmonica (he had some weird cool support for playing both things simultaneously 😯) they were the most beautiful thing to see ❤️
  • #childhoodweek day 3: SECRET
    When I was little (and I’m afraid it still happens) I found it really hard to face anger or guilt or sadness by the company of others. So every time that happened I would run away and hide in secret places, sometimes scaring my parents to death. I thought that way no one would have to loose time trying to cheer me up and I’d come back home when everything was better. But that made it harder for my family. So I’m sorry for that ❤️
  • #childhoodweek day 4: Treasure -
    Since I was a little kid I’ve always dreamed of having a doggy. So here it’s my inner child loving Jungle since way way before she was even in the world ❤️ that’s my big treasure.
  • #childhoodweek day 5: STORM
    Storm days were the perfect days. They had everything. Pijamas, the sound of rainy and the cracking thunders, warm beverages and soft lights. They were (and sill are) the most wonderful ones to either go and jump on the ponds or stay reading the perfect book ❤️
  • #childhoodweek day 6: FUTURE
    I wanted to make this for @mrdanidiez for our long talks thinking what would have happened if we had met while being kids? Maybe we would have been friends? Maybe not? Haha so I thought I could make this for him. I wish he had also been a part of my childhood.
  • #childhoodweek day 7: THE DAY -
    the 5th of January every year, the thee wise men come over to Spain. We leave lettuce for their camels, wine and cookies for the Kings. Next day our house is full of surprises (also presents) but the most important part for @alicastroart and I were the colorful candy and all the family together. This still goes on every single year. The three kings make a path of candy from the bedrooms to the Christmas tree, and we follow the path with our hearts bumping hard of joy and our pockets full of little tiny squares colors. Thanks mum. Thanks Dad ❤️