NHS Scotland - Winter Campaign

  • Scotland is a place filled with tradition and customs, and full to the brim of historic moments and iconic figures that have shaped the world as we know it, like William Wallace and Robert Burns. But standing heads and tail feathers above them all is NHS Inform's Dr. Owl.
    The unchallenged king of winter wisdom, FML have loved gearing up for the holiday season by bringing this iconic character and all his woodland pals to life as part of this year's Winter campaign, delivering NHS Scotland's important messages for the season.
  • The vibrant environments and cute characters should really engage viewers from across Scotland in reminding them to look after their health this festive period!
  • Credits:

    Client: NHS Inform 

    Agency: Story 
    Agency Producer: Helen Clyne

    Production / Creative Studio: Feed Me Light 
    Producer: Kiri Haggart  
    Director: Marc & Denis Bouyer
    Character Design: Marc Bouyer
    Environment Design: Anthony Vivien
    Character Modelling: Marc Bouyer, Denis Bouyer, Denis Bodart, Olivier Pirard
    Animation: Quentin Dubois, Julien Becquer 
    Rigging: Denis Bodart, Olivier Pirard 
    3D Generalists: Olivier Pirard, Simon Le Roux, Marc Bouyer, Denis Bouyer, Denis Bodart
    Compositing: Denis Bouyer, Simon Le Roux