Upgrade Branding

  • Upgrade 
    yourself with us!

    In our work we identify a project's opportunities through research and analysis. With the help of qualitative and quantitative inquiry, we uncover the potential of the project. Making branding and logo for Upgrade Development Center (UDC) was a good exprience for our team.
  • Brand Attributes

    Each branding process starts with an understanding of a product's uniqueness and value. 
    To help a client figure out core values that need to be reflected in branding, we do an exercise with attributes. We brainstorm and write down as many attributes as possible and then select a few items that work the best.
  • Brandbook Stage
  • Color Palette Explorations
  • Application Icon
  • Recommended Typeface
  • Colors and Sub-tones
  • Examples of Branding Usage

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