Pałac i Folwark Łochów


    The Pałac Łochów is a 19th-century palace and park complex, adapted for the conference and leisure center and located 
    just one hour from Warsaw. This is a complex of 7 buildings with unique style, a SPA salon, a restaurant named "U Zamoyskiego", 
    a ceramic workshop, a coach house, an outbuilding, a park with a wooden church, a pond, and as much as 13 ha of green areas 
    with the access to the Liwiec river. 

    In the past, the building belonged to prominent aristocratic Polish families: the Hornowskis, the Zamoyskis, and the Kurnatowskis. 
    The interior of the palace was originally neo-Gothic, but after the ownership was taken over in 1945 by the state authorities, the palace 
    was inhabited by workers and was devastated. Grupa Arche rebuilt and restored the palace in 2005-2008, partly retaining its original character, and as it had been long time before, there are balls, receptions and feasts taking place there. The kitchen draws on the best culinary traditions in Poland, abounds in excellent victuals prepared with the recipes known from the old Polish cuisine, as well as hunting and contemporary cuisine.


    The logo design is an architectural reflection of the preserved facade of the palace. The richness of marble, parquet flooring 
    and elaborate stucco are represented by the serif typography and the colors of gold and white used in visual identification
    materials. The strong connection with the crafts and the proximity of the nature surrounding the palace was emphasized 
    by the use of papers from secondary fibers.


    Client Grupa Arche 
    Agency Makadu
    Creative Director + Design Ivona Kulinska
    Photography by Ivona Kulinska Studio
    Architecture & interior photography by Grupa Arche