Toasted Collections Crystal Candles || Label Design

  • C R Y S T A L  C A N D L E S  by  T O A S T E D  C O L L E C T I O N S 
     label design for a home made candle brand from Campbell, California
  • Toasted Collections is a natural soy candle brand based in California. The all natural soy wax candles are hand-poured in a home workshop. Crystal Candles come in a variety of unique fragrances. Hidden inside each one of the candles is a tumbled crystal that can be retrieved after the wax has melted down. The colours for the labels were hand-picked based on each type of crystal contained in the candle jar, depicting the crystal's meaning and purpose. Pastel colours were chosen to reflect femininity and naturalness with a hint of magic.  The clean and minimalist composition of the design highlights the product's simplicity and elegance. Its handcrafted quality is emphasized through hand drawn elements that create a strong contrast to the geometric shapes and the customized typography.

    graphic design, illustration by Petra Pilbák
    photography by Shireen Kiadeh