Beyond The Screen

  •  Adobe vision of the future and the future digital experiences represented by a collection of eight images, created for the launch of the new Adobe blog.

    If you want to know more about the inspiration and artistic process behind this project, please read my interview here, where I talk with Adobe about the tools, the mindset, originality and share some backstage materials.

    Huge thanks go to Adobe creative team and Richard Salzman my representative.
  • Beyond The Screen - Virtual Reality
  • Beyond the Screen - What the Futurists Can See
  • A Glimpse Inside the Future of Autonomous Vehicles
  • How Augmented Reality is Redefining Digital Experiences
  • Unlocking Layers of Information - Bringing PDFs to Life
  • When the World Becomes a Screen
  • Welcome to the New Adobe Blog
  • Immersive Technology - Your Next, Best Investment
  • Home Page Layout
  • Self portrait for my interview
  • Some thumbnail sketches of the process
  • Color scheme
  • Thanks!