evalo - smart air monitor

  • evalo
    Smart indoor air monitoring for parents with asthmatic chidren
  • Interaction Design -
    To make it easy for users to understand when certain IAQ variables are at dangerous levels, evalo utilizes a far read light diffusing base, an integrated touch screen and companion mobile app to deliver invdepth information on how to change the indoor air environment to ensure its asthma friendly 
  • 360 Air Inlet -
    Unlike most domestic air monitors currently on the market, evalo utilises a low-pressure axial fan and 360-degree air inlet to draw in surrounding air. This enables more accurate IAQ readings.
  • Designed for Manufacture -
    Evalo was designed for ease of injection moulding. This process enabled a cost efficient production method without detriment to quality.
  • Designed for easy cleaning -
    To ensure the air vents don't collect with dust, the base twists off to enable ease of access when cleaning.
  • Process -
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