Siding 14 Brewing Company

  • Siding 14 Brewing Company is a new brewery in Ponoka, Alberta, that wanted to pay tribute to the region’s rich Canadian railway heritage. Before the town of Ponoka was named, it was simply known as “Siding 14” of the Calgary-Edmonton Railway Company, a supply point for steam locomotives between the two major cities.
  • For the brewery brand, we decided to use the language of Art Deco design to evoke early 20th century steam locomotives, fusing old railway signs with a stylized train viewed head on, all rendered in a luxurious excess of linework and filigree.
  • The bandmark integrates with the detailed design container, its clean geometric lines framing and contrasting with each product’s more textural illustration, all rendered in stark black and silver, with a pop of colour to differentiate the products at a glance. Subtle use of white ink and varnish give the brandmark a touch more presence. A beautiful Art Deco shape gives the labels their elegant diecut edges, revealing a prominent area of naked-can silver, shining in conjunction with the label’s finely-detailed silver foil. And for the truly observant, each label contains a hidden hobo symbol.
  • Dead Man’s Handle and Empress are the first two products in the brewery’s line of seasonal releases.
  • The “Box Car Mix Pack” is an enclosed, 6-can mix pack that was designed to be easily changed up with different products in the future.