Limb From Limb RyePA

  • Driftwood Brewery’s latest creation, Limb From Limb RyePA, features the new Lumberjack™ hop from the BC Hop Company. Using the idea of lumberjacks as a starting point we created a name and artwork for this label that loosely represents the opposing forces of the spiciness of the rye and the melon/sweet citrus notes of the hops.
  • From time to time, in lumber town, when the air is still you hear it.
    The hacks, the axes, groans of war in distant forests grim,
    When men, women and foolish youth fight nail and tooth an spirit.
    So on an on, the ‘jacks advance and strike them down… limb from limb.
  • Illustrator's Outline Mode view, for the vector-heads out there :)