3D_Omantel Baqati

  • Omantel Baqati /

    The visual was created for Omantel for their Baqati phone plan. We were approached by Magnet, Dubai, and Leo Burnett, Dubai, to develop this visual which involved replicating the look of a candy stand in closeup and working on focusing on a stack of social media icons in the middle of the candy stand. 

    The main challenge was creating this entire visual in CGI and give it a nice appetising look. The below visuals showcase in detail the effort that was put in CGI to create the various elements that make up the image. 

    Client _ Omantel Baqati
    Agency _ Leo Burnett, Dubai
    Production House _ Magnet, Dubai
    Production Coordinator _ Krishna Maheshwari
    CGI Lead _ Kalpesh Patil
    Modeling & Texturing _ Samar Sonone & Devesh Arvind Nigam
    Lighting & Shading _ Kalpesh Patil
    Post Production _ Kalpesh Patil & Amar Kakad

  • Campaign Visual
  • Grey Render
  • Wireframe
  • Close Up _ Chocolate
  • Close Up _ Raspberry
  • Close Up _ Cashews
  • Close Up _ Gummy Bear
  • Close Up _ Blueberry
  • Close Up _ Icons
  • Raw Render Passes