90 Deg — Bamboo Chair Within Bag for Urban Daily Lives

  • 90 Deg 

    Bamboo Chair Within Bag for Urban Daily Lives


  • About Design Background

    Trying to search a simple way to solve an urban daily life problem of being in need of temporary seat by mixing different elements from multi-fields. 90 Deg is an accessory people would use every day with the feature of fashion design while it also combines with the thinking of product design on the design of the bag and the user-experience.

    試圖透過混合來自多重領域的元素尋找簡單的方法於解決需要臨時座位的城市日常生活問題。90 Deg 是人們每天都會用到的時尚設計配件,同時以產品設計思維結合包包的設計與用戶體驗。

  • Thinking About What If There Is An Object That...   

    = A Fashion Bag

    = A Portable Chair

    = The Holder + The Bag Parts

    = Traditional Material + New User Experience

    = 90 Deg

  • Let's go outdoors and start an adventure with 90 Deg!

    與 90 Deg 一同展開城市探險吧!

  • Just one simple step to change into the bag and the chair!


  • A bag for everyday use. 

    Every part can be separated for assembling and repair.



  • Users can assemble their favorite style of bag at their willingness.


  • Holder  /  Laminated Bamboo

    The specialities of laminated bamboo are that they do not have the problem of the nodes at several points up the stalk, and their physical property provides a very strong strength with not brittle advantage. Therefore, they come with more possibilities in form development.

    支架材料  /  層積竹材

    90 Deg 的支架採用層積竹材,將竹片層層堆積黏合成的材料,避開了單純使用竹條或竹管有節點的問題,更能以本身的物理特性提供堅固不易脆的優勢,與更多造型開發的可能。

  • By the advantage of laminated bamboo as the holder to withstand the weight, it needs only one simple step to change into the bag and the chair. Also, use the feature of modern industrial manufacturing (CNC) on a traditional craft material to make the product can be able to produce in the mass production.


    Hollow out the middle reinforcement of the holder with logo of 90 Deg. It helps to make the weight of 90 Deg lighter and have more detailed feature with the identity of the product.


  • There are enough space for 15-inch laptop and documents.


  • Free postcard design for exhibition use.


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