• The Poly Gang is the coolest gang in this part of the city. They move to every corner of the world at top speed, spreading their good mood to keep the cool-o-meter always high!
  • Hex-El-Xl is the charismatic leader. He´s able to execute a thousand tasks at the same time and plan the most unbelievable adventures, always keeping the good mood in the group.
  • Señor Qhad is the careful guy in the gang. He´s always shown as the party pooper, but thanks to him, the gang usually avoids problems and he saved their lives on more than one occasion.
  • Ice-Montana is the main artistic mastermind in the group. In a blink, she´s able to paint the most beautiful piece in any horizontal, vertical, analog or digital surface.
  • T-Trip is the dynamic boy! As fast as a gazelle, agile as a lemur.
    Zas! Zas! Where is he?
    It´s rumored he´s able to run at a speed near the light speed.
  • Zyzzy Ben is Hex-El-Xl´s cousin. He likes going with the gang because he wants to be part of them. He has still not discovered his ability, but it´s rumored he´s a great cooker.
  • The Trap-Trapeze Quadruplets
    Pinky-Lo , Q-Yelouh, Xuly-Z, and ShuMorenito. They are young promises in the trap. They bring the flow, the swag and the noise with their catchy rhythms.
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