• I'm super proud to present you something I wanted to do for a long time now... I drew these little guys (and gal) right after
    I watched what was my favorite TV series of 2016.
    But I wanted to release them in a positive way and make it count.
    That's why I waited so long to make it happen.
    I chose a very special printing technique which originated in Japan,
    called risograph or riso printing. It's similar to screenprinting, in that you use layers of colors and print them one by one,
    but on a special machine called a riso printer.
    These will be sold as a set of six (6) 5”x5" 2-color riso printed handbills
    on super thick paper (approx. 200lbs = 300g/m²).
    All the proceeds will be donated to charity, specifically the Necker Hospital in Paris which specializes in helping sick children. (Official Website:
    The entire set of handbills is an edition size of */83, like the year in Stranger Things Season One.

    The price is $30 for the set + $7 for international shipping from France