Flex. Infografías sobre el sueño

  • Flex. Sleep patterns infographics
    Sra. Rushmore agency commissioned us to create a series of infographics for the brand FLEX: one of Spain’s most popular manufacturers of mattresses.

    Together with Spain’s Centre for Sleep Research (CIS), FLEX had been developing a series of studies around the sleep patterns of Spanish citizens. With this in mind, we developed a total of 15 infographs that showcased the results obtained during their research.

    Our aim was to develop a consistent, fun, easy-to-read style to deliver all the information obtained.

    Agency: Sra. Rushmore
    Year: 2016 / 2017

  • Imagery & inspiration

    The series of infographs were heavily based on illustration.
    We drew inspiration from the bizarre world of dreams and developed our own fun
    take on surrealism.

  • Colour

    Our colour palette was based on the brand's own identity through the use of red, blue and white. Corporate colours were a bit de-saturated in order to obtain softer” results.

  • Social media

    Bits of information were extracted from each infograph and turned into short animations in order to cover social media communication needs.