Green Seed — logo & brand identity design

  • Green Seed is a private family owned business that specializes in selling a wide range of tools, materials and supplies for amateur and professional gardeners. The company has undergone a significant rebranding to freshen up its image, make it more creative and better correlate with contemporary trends in design. The new identity manages to combine vivid colors and simplistic shapes creating a solid, original, modern and elegant brand image.

    The smart usage of the animated logo highlights its strong points: consistency, minimalistic and neat nature, balanced and minimal color palette. In addition to that motion graphics (and specifically logo animation) is a very good way to promote the brand and make it more recognizable, beautiful and familiar.​​​​​​​ Over the course of brand development several logo versions were created: a full version featuring a logotype with several decorative elements (a heart leaf shape and a bold line), a logomark version and a pattern that incorporates an adjusted mark.

    Below is presented the geometry of the logo: the space ratio, the letter cuts and peculiarities of the custom made typeface.

  • Despite the name of the company that specifically highlights green it was essential to provide several color combinations in order to create a polished brand perception appropriate no matter the season or context. Creating an identity for an enterprise such as store may require additional seasonal branding to make the company’s image more flexible, adaptable and balanced.

    The chosen colors provide an apparent association with the environment conditions typical for a particular season. Summer which is mostly associated with warmth and abundant flora grants a friendly main brand palette in bright salad greens; the Fall — time to harvest the crops — a red color combination; the Winter, associated with cold weather and snow — a range of blues varying from indigo to sky blue; and the Spring featuring the tints of yellow, from olive to lime. The Black Friday Sale color combination incorporates a monochrome variant of the logo and the color range in grayscale. Some color schemes can also be used separately, for example when categorizing discount types.

    The main color scheme has found its reflection in the typography as well. The heading adopts the dark gray tint of the letters in the logo, the subheading has the dark green featured in the main palette and the body text is to have a charcoal grey shade.

  • The stationery was created using the main green color palette. The items often feature various crops — peas, broccoli, plant images — to create a better association with the company's field of activity. They add variation to a restrained and minimalist brand presentation staying within the confines of the created identity.

    Over the course of development the following items were created: brandbook, business card and letterhead design, various stationery items ranging from envelope design to folder, stamp and wrapping paper design, event related items such as invitation and thank you cards, simple plastic / cardboard bag packaging for seeds, identification badge design for staff, brochure / magazine cover, social media and email layout design, several UI & UX elements.

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