Imagination of Victorior Part IV

     You will see the collection of character design and some scene painting (Visual development) or some color key of a part of the story. All artworks are my personal painting, done for fun and practice, got inspiration from animation feature films  and daily life, They are the artwork collection I created since 2014 until 2017. Hope you enjoy and thanks for seeing ^^

  • The Journey of Aviator
    Friendship and the unexpected journey of the man flying dream. The boy who has passionate about flying. 
  • Cast of the character - the Buddy
  • some color key from the beginning of the story. "The first meeting"

  • The Owl hunter
  • The owl and the boy met the owl hunter, this is drama action scene (deep dark mood)

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  • The Land
    This is the moment of the man who fight for his Land 
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  • The migration begins
    This is the moment of the the family fish friendship are moving to a new land. There are the land and building on the whale and they live in the sky. This image is showing how excited journey is.

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  • The Passion
    This is remake project from my personal painting, I decided to remake it in 2013 and develop some key visual and character design to make it more feature looks, the story is about lover of centaur and there is the naughty cupid that came to change everything to the wrong way..

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    " Thanks so much for be a part of my journey and hope you enjoy! "