UI&UX, Concept / 2017

    As a gamer myself, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of your game collection. This app was designed to organize your whole game collection and never lose track of it. On the app you can add games from multiple platforms, from retro consoles like the NES to the current generation PS4 and Xbox One.
  • GAM*R
    The app name GAM*R comes from the word “gamer”.
    For the app I also designed a logo and a t-shirt.
  • Application
    On this concept there’s no need to create an account because the app works directly on your phone. The main idea for the app was to be easy to use and to give the user a pleasant experience when browsing and searching for titles. As you can see below, the main screen contains many blocks showing content about the latest games you added to your collection and to your wish list.
  • Search
    1. To search for a game you just need to tap on the magnifying glass icon.
    2. After the magnifying glass icon is tapped a drop down will appear.
    3. Just type any game title and the available titles on the platform will be displayed.
  • My Games
  • Select Platform
    On the My Games section you can select one platform and see all the games you added to that platform.

    Wish List
    Never forget about that game that you want, simply add it to your wish list and that’s it.
  • Game Information
    Every game on the platform has a detailed page with the most important information, such as available platforms, release year, description, developer and the IGN rating of the game.
  • Icons
    I also designed custom icons for the gaming platforms as you can see below.