OFFF Festival 3D Illustration

  • OFFF Festival Barcelona 3D Book Illustration 

    I was invited to speak at the monumentally awesome OFFF Festival in Barcelona. Every year, OFFF also commission speakers to create a piece for their book. this year the concept was dreams. 

    I wanted to make something really special to warrant gracing the pages of this book with some of the industry big hitters like Lance Wyman, Vaughn Oliver, Buck and GMUNK so I collaborated with extremely talented 3D artist Tamas Arpadi. The idea was that I essentially only dream about partying with Iggy Pop, Crystal Palace or my work, so I thought with working with this 3D artist, we could literally 'bring my artwork to life' just like in my dreams. 

    The book cover is a mirror to represent the idea of "seeing through yourself", there's no cover but the image of the book owner, reflecting him/herself through the book.

  • Work in progress

    Here are some work in progress shots to show how we got from the initial idea to the final application.