Hyneama-Noosh Character Design

  • Hyneama-Noosh
  • I was hired to create this full-color illustration of the character the Hyneama-Noosh for use with a social media campaign. I illustrated the character from start to completion in Adobe Illustrator and painted the green fog background in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Thumbnail sketch and final inks.
  • The Legend of the Hyneama-Noosh

    This story begins with an award-winning gardener whose home-grown vegetables were under attack by a murder of crows invading his city. One day on a stroll trying to clear his mind of his troubles he met a mysterious traveling merchant in an alley who sold him a bizarre clownish-looking scarecrow. The salesman promised it would protect his garden from evil saying, “Where you plant this unseemly ragamuffin, will become its eternal dwelling; to stand guard and defend, against enemies quite compelling.” For many years the scarecrow towered over the garden protecting the vegetables. Then one year the gardener had a notion to plant pumpkins along with his usual vegetables in order to help the townsfolk celebrate Halloween. He reckoned the children would enjoy making Jack-o'-lanterns for the festivities. 

    Unfortunately, the pumpkin vines overtook the garden, killing all of the vegetables, as well as the pumpkins, and losing any chance to ever win another blue ribbon. Within days, the gardener mysteriously disappeared and was never seen or heard from again. The neighbors watched as his abandoned home sat condemned -- a haunting reminder of a once bountiful garden that now was no more. Only one item was nowhere to be found, and that was the scarecrow.
    Legend has it that following the loss of his owner and the demise of the property, the scarecrow sought revenge and vowed to destroy every pumpkin within the land. The scarecrow’s spirit would make amends for the horrible atrocity that destroyed the garden.

    In the month leading up to Halloween, as pumpkins start to appear on porches throughout the community, strange happenings occur. It has been told that the scarecrow, known as the Hyneama-Noosh, sets his sights on smashing every pumpkin. Witnesses have reported that the Hyneama-Noosh lets out a clownish cackle, similar to that of a Hyena, as it menaces the neighborhoods by smashing pumpkins throughout the land. It can also be identified by its haunting howl that sounds like a southern wind angrily protesting its change in direction. "Nnnnnooooooossshhh! can be heard by residents on nights when the Hunter's Moon is present in the sky. 
    Every year during the month of October and leading up to Halloween there is a familiar phrase repeated by individuals familiar with this tale, "Put away your pumpkins!" When you hear this warning, take heed. It signals the time when the Hyneama-Noosh is on the loose.