Atypical Portraits. MIMIC II

    Atypical Portraits

    Self Initiated Project  by

    In MIMIC II I have explored more diversity of forms and shapes in the work (Portraits) of Pablo Picasso.
    This time I picked 6 portraits (faces) paintings from Pablo Picasso’s artwork, I have also created experimented backgrounds using medieval architectural elements in modern flair. It’s just an attempt to give a different look of his compositions. I have also added some different elements to give them a new story. The abstraction of these figures are open up new complexity within the objects he used.
    This is a small effort to give him a humble tribute for his revolutionary efforts in the modern art.

    "Every shape has an invisible dots find them and create in a new way."

    Cinema 4D-Vray, Photoshop, Illustrator

  • B/W Clay Version