• And the Deity descended into the lower spheres of being, and created not perfect being, in the image and likeness of its own, looked and thought: "All right,suitable ." And manifested itself in him.
    And now the imperfect creature catches his  image  on all reflecting surfaces to discern in himself the divine essence.
  • Sometimes - on the surface of a saucepan of soup, thinking with despair: "Does my soul long for this?"
  • Sometimes - in the dark windows, anxiously noticing in the depths the face from children's nightmares.
  • Sometimes, with bewilderment: who is this at all?
  • Every moment of life is a possibility.
  • Or missed impossibilities)
  • The favorite moment in Spike Jones movie "Being John Malkovich" is when Malkovich finds himself inside himself. It turns out there are many different malkovichy there, they multiply, and each of them lives their lives. Such a collapse of the system "Malkovich".
    Inspired by the story, I created my interpretation.
  • This is  about me. Me in the current point of space-time, a certain number of options is possible to me. Possibly provided that somewhere in the past at some stage my life went differently, in each case in a different way.
    Illustration of the concept of the multiverse.
    Several representations of me from parallel realities gathered for an exhibition, where I author, object, model and showpiece at the same time.
    It's also a kind of system collapse.
  • From the moment of conception to the moment of birth, a person is in a state of superposition, like a cat of Schrödinger. That is, the embryo already has a certain set of chromosomes that defines a genetic gender, but the gender can not yet be identified.
    And there begins the ramifications of opportunities.
    But if the world is deterministic, and no opportunities exist, and all is in vain, and in the struggle does not make sense?
    To this and other questions the philosophers could answer . Although, they will not be able to give answers, but will only ask even more questions.
  • So, dear brethren, I propose to all of us to enjoy life within the limits of the current legislation and the current moral norms!

  •                                           Thank you all for your patience!