Bauhaus - The Origin of the New Typography

  • Bauhaus – The Origin of the New Typography
    A tribute to the Bauhaus movement

    The challenge:To pay a tribute to Bauhaus, one of the most influential modern design movements of all time, by creating a book for it. The German design school persevered throughout a tough time of social and political upheaval and left one of the biggest stamps on art, architecture and design in the 20th century. By diving deeper into its roots, we explored it further and analyzed the evidence of the movement’s impact on typography and graphic design today.

    The concept:This book is about the history and evolution of Bauhaus typography, from the early years of Herbert Bayer and Tschichold’s New Typography till today, analyzing fonts with direct reference to the movement. It includes original sketches, revivals, experimentations, decorative, hybrid, display and text fonts, classifying the type foundries involved with biographies of the designers, student works and bauhaus-inspired fonts. As passionate designers for Bauhaus, we really enjoyed the research and the challenge of designing a book for our favorite movement. Form Follows Function!

    Client: Self Initiated
    Role: Editorial Design, Creative Direction
    Credits: Photography by Cynthia Kostaki
    Special Thanks: Harris Dimoliatis and Leica’s Academy Studio
    Date: October, 2012