• Hello World!

    Hello World! is an initiative created to commemorate the 21st of September, International Day of Peace. As part of a collective project, artists from all around the world were asked to illustrate the word hello in their own language and in a way that represented the identity of the country they belonged to. The aim of this project is to send a message of love and hope to people who are struggling due to war, to immigrants who have lost their houses and families, and to anyone else in the world who thinks they are alone.

    In Morphine we created this Illustration to represent our country: Uruguay.
    For our project we were inspired by Uruguayan art. We were specially based in the art of Joaquín Torres García who was so great at capturing the Uruguayan culture in a simple and symbolic manner.
    In terms of color scheme, we went with the traditional uruguayan flag colors and then added some grey and brown shades to represent our people’s shy and low-key personality.
    Finally, we included the one passion Uruguayans have: Football (Soccer).

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  • ━ Sketches & Process.

  • The biggest challenge going from 2D to 3D was to coordinate the location of the objects compensating the deformation of the perspective produced by the camera lens.

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