• Hello, 今日は, Salut.

  • Adherente is an alternative space for the design industry in the heart of the surrealist 
    City of Guatemala. 

    Sabbath was in charge of the Visual Environment of this edition creating a
    Brand Ecosystem: built by a diverse range of Illustrations representing abstractions 
    of letter "A" & Editorial layouts for a synchronized interaction between images & 

    The result is a striking display of color and typefaces, to communicate an event that
    gathers "Exposure, Coexistence & Learning" to motivate and impulse the growth of 
    Latin American Talent in Visual Arts.

  • Credits:

    Creative Direction + Design: Sabbath
    3D Visualizations: Rolando Luther
    Intro Speakers: Amorfo
    Event Photography: Media Collective Studio

    Opening Titles
    - Direction: Rick Rush & JPPolk / 2D: Rick Rush / 3D: JPPolk & Daniel Molina
    -Music: Alex Hentze