Transcend // Exhibition Artwork

  • My contribution to a recent group exhibition hosted by Ahem! Art Collective in Cape Town, South Africa, titled "Comics & Concepts, An Exhibition of Visual Storytellers". The focus of the exhibition was to create artwork inspired by some of the masters of the comics and concept art world. Having always looked up to the incredible work of Jean Giraud (more commonly known by his alias, "Moebius"), I thought it to be a perfect place to start my planning process.


    Rather than focussing on content, I really wanted to try and convey the somewhat eerie and ambiguous mood Moebius often creates in his science fiction driven pieces, while still putting it through my own filter so as to create my own rendition of his brilliant mind rather than a direct reinterpretation of his work.


    The artwork, "Transcend", was produced as 297 x 420mm, gallery quality giclée prints on 305 gsm Felix Schoeller archival paper. The prints are limited to an edition of only 8 signed and numbered copies to ever be made, which are available for purchase only through the gallery.

  • /// Initial Planning

  • /// Final Illustration

  • /// Close-Ups

  • /// Final Framed Illustration

  • /// Event Flyer & Exhibition Wall

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