Adobe #MakeItYourCity Collaboration

  • Adobe Creative Challenge – #MakeItYourCity
    The concept of #MakeItYourCity was to invite students to become one of many architects of a digital metropole. 
    In a challenge, students from Austria, Germany and Switzerland were invited to build a digital creative city together with other creative graduates by using pre-built modular in Adobe Creative Cloud. 

  • Collaborative Artwork 
    The contest is characterised by a 'joint' development. A city is not built by one person, but is a 
    collaborative artwork of many different people. Students built this city from a handful of different basic elements. The fascinating thing about it is to follow the growth as well as the basic question of which buildings DO make up a city - and how to deal creatively with urban construction. The result is a hybrid city, in which everyone works together and on which one can build on, just as cities and living spaces should be designed in real life.

    Project done with Adobe Germany & Faktor3 from june to august '17,

    Development of the City #MakeItYourCity 
    from June – August 2017
    The following images house the collaboration of the work of nearly 150 students and myself and show the growth of the city during two months. There were around 200 houses submitted which I built into the prefabricated city-raster. I felt very flattered about the quantity of creative ideas and house-interpretation from students, given that the assets provided were very simple and I wanted to thank everybody for his/her participation in the project.

  • #MakeItYourCity
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