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    "Space of Variations"
  • Sergei Parajanov was a Soviet film director and artist who made significant contributions to Soviet cinematography through Ukrainian, Armenian, and Georgian cinema He invented his own cinematic style, which was totally out of step with the guiding principles of socialist realism. This, combined with his controversial lifestyle and behaviour, led Soviet authorities to repeatedly persecute and imprison him, and suppress his films.
  • Installation Process
  •                                                                                     SPACE  OF  VARIATIONS

           Within Festival, I created a collage with frames of Parajanov films, with his photos and letters. I used the technique of double exposure. The fact is that from far away the viewer sees a large portrait of Parayanov, but from a close distance, he can see hundreds of frames from his life, hundreds of small pieces. 
           On My collage is depicted Parajanov in the lattice, I think that freedom of Parajanov best passes the period of his imprisonment in prison. Not looking at the prison's walls, he was able to keep a creative soul, such as environment can destroy many people, but he was stand up and take off such emotional films as the : " legend of the Suram fortress "  and  " the ashik carib " .  Parajanov knew that his art and views on life, attracted much attention from the Soviet authorities, he realized that the price of this can be an even Imprisonment. But he chose this way - he decided to be himself.  I think that freedom is in this - the space of variations, when you have a choice.
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  • მექი გიორგაძე // Meki Giorgadze // გრაფიკული დიზაინი // გრაგიკული დიზაინერი // grafikuli dizaineri

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  • TAL is a collaborative residency program that brings together young artists from the South Caucasus and Germany on the German island of Juist. During a two-week workshop the participants together investigate the idea of ‘utopia,’ – the unreachable good place – through cross-cultural dialogue and creative imagination.
  • U T O P I A
    Utopia is the idelal place created in the human brain, the desire to escape from reality and never ending process of creating an alternative world.
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