Road Trip with Duke & Captain

  • Road Trip is an adventure game.
    Duke, its main character, drives a rusty caravan through abandoned highways and mysterious caves looking for his brother Captain, who was abducted by The Flying Saucer. He stops at roadside motels, repairs his flivver and meet peculiar people. But Duke is not that lucky to come out dry from any situation. So he will definitely get into some scrape, loose and find again the sense of reality, or he might even meet his ghost-doppelganger from The Otherworld.
    Who knows what adventures waits him ahead...
  • Haunted roadside motels work as checkpoints in the game. It's a place where you can sell your stuff, change your pants and, of course, save your game progress.
    Because it's a game after all...
  • Duke meeting his Ghostly Being from Secret Car Service in The Otherworld.
    And The Fabulous Flivver itself.

  • Thank you for appreciation!