BIG Gimmick: Native American Lore Kanontsistonties

  • Native American Lore  
    (The Flying Heads)
  • Kanontsistonties (The Flying Heads)was created as part of this month's BIG Gimmick, a reoccurring character design challenge. Illustrators are free to create their character however they like. The only rule is it had to be based off the chosen theme for the month and turned in by the fifteenth of that said month. 

    The BIG Gimmick theme for August 2017 was Native American Lore.  So for my entry, I created Kanontsistonties (The Flying Heads) drawn on my Wacom Cintiq in Adobe Illustrator and painted in Adobe Photoshop.

    Kanontsistonties are disembodied flying heads that at times are giant. The legend of the flying heads' vary, some are spirits of people who have been murdered and decapitated others say that those who practice cannibalism return as punishment. Kanontsistonties have an insatiable hunger for human flesh and are doomed to hunt for people to eat for eternity. 

    The flying heads are near impossible to kill, but in one story a head was tricked into eating a hot coal from a fire. The head suddenly burst into flames before exploding. 

  • For anyone who is interested in being part of the BIG Gimmick monthly character challenge, stop by the BIG Gimmick Facebook page and request to join in.