• Here's my 2017 Official Vector Commission for the 2017 theatrical release of
    Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, in association with ...
  • This project was a very lengthy one. Like most projects your first idea might not work with the overall marketing intentions of the client.

    My first Idea was to portray the character of Jack Sparrow
    - portrayed by Johnny Depp, in a whimsical way, wrapped up in chains
    and holding his breathe.

    Below is a screen capture of how I set up my canvas in adobe Illustrator along with my vector sketch. Yes, I submit to client vector sketches in color to help motivate the time line and feel that its a benefit to show them the concept in color.
  • Since the client wasn't in approval of my first sketch,
    I decided to maybe whip up a vector sketch of the villain - Admiral Salazar - played  by Spanish Actor Javier Bardem.
    Since the trailers showed him with an ghastly under-water effect, i wanted to try and leverage that flowing effect with in the stylized hair.
  • But then I thought best to do what I really enjoy with my art!
    I decided to bring together the over personality of the movie and combine it Culture!
    Tattoo Culture that is.

  • Here's the Final Vector art submitted in a stylized Old Americana Tattoo style.
  • BUT
    Like I mentioned before, sometimes the client prefers something that would better correlate with their existing marketing promotional campaign.
    So, they requested to remove Jack Sparrow entirely, replace him with a pirate ship and swap the colors to a cool blue / purple tone.

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