Chiflamicas Factory - Branding

  • Chiflamicas Factory
    Branding Project

  • We are generators of graphic and audiovisual content focused on create animated stories. We born from the idea of massive production and participation, where the central axe of the communication is the entertainment as bridge between the language exploration and amplify the collective messages.
    We believe in the animation as the biggest need from the modern man, telling stories that the rational imginarium refrains to describe, We see the technical solutions of the animated graphic an alternative of fictional communication and the more complete optiion to extend the ideas to a real plan with the spectator.
    We believe in the idea that big musicians can tell big stories, but our environment to show up is the animation.

  • Process

    The brand creation is based on the concepts and values binding determinants for Chiflamicas Factory personality, artistic esthetics of the 40's music, cartoons and nightlife create a noisy and loud partying personified in the ape playing with the reading of the name. Chifla (noise) Micas (Apes)
    Web Application
    The digital pieces of Chiflamicas Factory give importance to the interactivity of the social networks demand, being the central axe the facebook Fan Page as difussion support of information. the official page offers a clean visual field avoiding the content overload.
  • Animate aplication

    Audio and Video Powered by Chiflamicas Factory