Spruemeister model box art series. Autonomous Racing.

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  • The Spruemeister Autonomous F1 kit box art series started with a quick inspiration idea that came to me when I was working on a series of designs of race cars for the early 1900s, and drew one up in 2015 that was a mash-up of a Tyrrell P34 and the wheel tech and body style of the early 1900s. I was already lopping off cabins and windshields to achieve a different aesthetic with that series, and the six-wheeled car eliminated the driver altogether, but I didn't have an explanation fleshed out for how this was possible. For the monthly Agorapode competition in 2016, the challenge to create an autonomous F1 car for the future spurred me on to create a faux model box art package concept. The autonomous F1 as an alt-reality that existed clear back to the 1960s solidified the theme. I wanted to keep a look minimizing sponsorship encroachment into the overall color theme of the car, wing elements as stabilizing, not for downforce, and a iconic common silhouette with a sensor pod in the area where a driver would normally be, then play around with surfacing and proportion using these elements. It ends up being a not-to-be-taken seriously fantasy of many of my favorite elements of many different cars. The wheel setup with massive slicks in back and skinny fronts is something of a nod to t-bucket hot rods,-certainly not good for handling, but in this series, it's all about the impact of something fresh and new from familiar elements. In all honesty, it's essentially just my favorite aspects of many different genres and eras of design and racing frankensteined together into something fresh.
  • Angular theme idea with prominent autonomous sensor pod. A-F1 rules during this time period required sensors to be concentrated in a specific envelope area where the driver's head traditionally was. In addition to a max sponsor area, nostalgic rules also dictated that the car have nearly neutral downforce at tested speeds of 25 and 200 mph, and a Cd of .35.  This minimized windtunnel neutering and allowed teams to express style. McLandish MB23 box art development sketches, then rendering below.
  • This six-wheel idea has been kicking around in my notebooks for a while. Rough sketches, just getting the vibe of mass and form and considering the best angle to present. I visualized a graphic flow of yellow from the front of the airbox shape into the body and like the simplicity of the lower right sketch.
  • Below is the initial rough comp. Some design is yet to be sorted out, but i get a good feel of what the final will be like, color, layout, and value. Including text (some has been carried over from a previous box design) this comp took two hours.
  • Rendering 101. slightly metallic blue. Starting with basecoat, then adding glossiness.
  • Final illustration. Some background toning to "age" the art and also make the car pop a bit more...
  • Below, rough color and graphic comps for the next two installments, bringing the total to 6 designs. The plan is to do a complete series of 12.