• This is an art compilation developed for the Pre-Production Bible for Ram Pam Dam
    Fortunately, This project it´s the winners of the anima studio and cartoon network challenge 2017  

  • We´re also been selected in others animation events & BootCamps around the Globe.​​​​​​​
  • Hope you guys Like it. 
    Created by : Gino Imagino  , Gustavo Castellanos y Miguel  Velez.
    The next time you hear rain, look out of the rain and look very carefully. Because in every drop of rain there live magical beings.

  • Epic Moments & Lay Outs.

  • Merchandising
    Behind the magical stories surrounding this universe, there is also a meticulous design work on the characters. Creating a pleasing and easy to remember shape for children. Also very functional when creating merchandise of the series Like toys or Souvenirs.

  • Thanks for Watching