HEVI. A 360° modular speaker.

  • HEVI. 

    A 360°, wireless, full-range, modular speaker for a modern smart home. 

    A marriage between rough concrete and wood creates a feeling of warmth, stability and longevity. The contrasting smoothness of the glossy plastic brings equilibrium to the overall design. 

    Your sound, no matter where you are.
  • A speaker that you will not want to hide in a corner. One HEVI. speaker is all you need. 
  • Place it anywhere in the room. Your sound will find you. 
  • Even if it's time to leave, you can take HEVI. with you.
  • As simple as that.
  • A mid-low frequency speaker at the bottom and a mid-high frequency speaker at the top provides rich, high-quality sound all around.
  • Two speakers facing the organically curved plate directs the sound outwards, creating a perfect 360° coverage.
  • Bluetooth is all you need. But the 3.5mm jack is still there, in case you need it. 
  • The USB-C connection charges both the top and the bottom part of the speaker.
  • No wires. Freedom of movement.
  • A speaker that will compliment any modern interior.
  • A tandem between hard and soft, rough and smooth, dark and light. Opposites attract.